Category: Techniques

The Best Strike Indicator

Strike Indicators The topic of strike indicators may very well be one of the most controversial topics in fly fishing. It may possibly even fall into the same category as ‘which grip to use when fly casting.’ I believe that it...

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An Insane Question

A Seine Answer to an Insane Question,”Which Fly to Use?” At first glance, the fly fisherman’s dedication to the sport seems almost unconditional. It appears as though there is nothing an angler will not do to tip the...

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Throat Pump??

Use the pump properly, but don’t kill the fish An angler using a stomach pump to see what a fish has been eating can be a very controversial topic among fly fishing enthusiasts. When used properly it can be a very educational...

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My Flies Keep Breaking off!

My flies keep breaking off!! What’s up with my knot?? There are many knots to use to tie on a fly and most of them work just fine But sometimes anglers suffer from the fly coming off with only very little pressure being applied,...

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