Complete School of Fly Fishing

A Systematic approach to fly fishing

Over 20 hours of instruction…  a proven system that gets results

Our complete fly-fishing school is perfect for either the experienced angler, or the rank beginner.  It is 30 years of on-stream experience broken into four comprehensive classes that enables any fisherman to systematically dissect any body of water, fish with confidence and catch fish using step by step proven methodology that is time tested and effective.  The absolute best way to achieve maximum benefit is to attend the fly fishing school in its entirety.

Reading Water, Presentation and Finding Fish

  • Identifying different types of fish lies.
  • Learning to spot fish in the water.
  • Observing fish behavior and feeding activity
  • Learning how to approach fish in different situations.
  • Understanding currents to determine casting angles.
  • Sampling the river 4 different ways to identify exactly which fly to use.
  • Presenting the fly.
  • Angler Positioning.
  • Choosing the right cast for each fish.
  • On-stream mending and areal mends.

Classroom fishing with a plan

  • Learn how fish see underwater and how fish view the outside world.
  • Learn a step-by-step, systematic approach to fly fishing that works!
  • 3 questions to success.
  • Leader construction.
  • How energy transfers down a fly line.
  • How to properly construct a leader.
  • Proper leader length, tippet size, and tippet length.

Fly Casting

  • Proper fly casting
  • Substance vs. Style
  • Learn how to diagnose and correct your own csting faults
  • Roll casting
  • On the water mending and line control

Advanced On-stream Systems and Methodology

  • Making Observations of the river and water conditions.
  • Finding fish
  • Observing individual fish behavior and feeding activity.
  • Determining options and proper strategies for catching the fish.
  • Entomology and Fly Selection.
  • Constructing the proper leader for the situation.
  • Approaching the fish and determining casting position.
  • Understanding currents and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Mending and line control.
  • Hooking and fighting fish.
  • Determining proper fighting fish.
  • Determining proper drag settings.
  • Landing fish.
  • Proper care when releasing fish.
  • Breaking down myths, barriers and preconceived limitations.
  • Fishing with no rules!
  • Catching the fish!

Class Schedule

Private Classes

Guides Only Segment

On-stream Guided and Guiding Session

•This is the final segment of our fly fishing school for guides only.

•The prospective guide will alternate between guiding and being guided by one of our senior fly fishing guides.

•The senior guide will constructively evaluate the prospective guide.

At this point the prospective fly fishng guide will either be approved or will know exactly which areas need to be improved on in order to start guiding for us professionally. This is only offered to prospective fly fishing guides who have completed our fly fishing school and are ready to start shadowing senior guides.