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Nowhere else have I had large fish rise to dries and seemingly kiss them, actually pushing them out of the water without ever opening their mouths, only to refuse the offering. Like all fishing destinations, the Provo River can be very kind to anglers at times and relentlessly cruel at others.

Fly Fishing Report as of September 22, 2017

Lower Provo River


The water level on the Lower Provo River below Deer Creek Dam has been running very high for a period of time, but has recently come down to normal May flows.  The water conditions are excellent and the fish are feeding heavily.  This is an excellent time to be fishing the Lower Provo River.  We have several species of stonefly nymphs that are very active and available to the fish on the Lower Provo and the fish are taking advantage of the offering.  In addition to the stonefly nymphs, caddis are increasing in numbers and fish are eating them.  Caddis larvae and pupa patterns are producing excellent size and numbers of fish for us now.

Some of the best flies for us include stonefly nymphs ranging in size from 10 to 14, mayfly nymphs, sow bugs, shrimp, caddis larvae and caddis pupa.

For those fly fisherman who do not want to fish the Provo now, it is a great time to enjoy the excellent fishing available on a variety of smaller streams and some of our exceptional still water fisheries close by.  Most of our small streams are not currently experiencing high water conditions and all of them are chuck full of insects and the trout are feeding heavily.

Middle Provo River

The Middle Provo river in the Heber Valley is running very high right now.  The state is doing a good job in preparation for runoff. Even though the water is running high and there’s a lot of press in the media about dangerous high water, there are many options for the fly fisherman.  For those fly fisherman who enjoy fishing in good conditions to easily accessible fish and who enjoy fishing alone, the Provo river is a great option.  The middle section of the Provo River is fishing great with a whole bunch of Fish stacked along the edges and willing to eat.

Readily feeding on stone fly nymphs, caddis larva, caddis pupa, sow bugs and even mayfly nymphs, crowds are down and fishing is good.  However for those fishermen who really just don’t like fishing high water, there are many other great options in state.  Many of our smaller streams are in excellent shape and high water is simply not a not an issue on most of them.  This is a very productive time to fish whether you’re fishing Provo River, any number of our excellent still water options or any variety of small streams.  Post winter conditions offer a plethora of food organisms available to the fish and fish are gorging themselves.

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