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Nowhere else have I had large fish rise to dries and seemingly kiss them, actually pushing them out of the water without ever opening their mouths, only to refuse the offering. Like all fishing destinations, the Provo River can be very kind to anglers at times and relentlessly cruel at others.

Fly Fishing Report as of February 25, 2018


We are in the slowest time of the year for fly fishing on the Provo River.  The brown trout have completed their spawn and have returned to their holding lies.  All of the major hatches are done, the days are very short and aside from a few midges, there is very little food for the trout. This doesn’t give the fish much reason to be out and about searching for food that isn’t going to show up.

The past few months have been very prolific and the fishing has been fantastic.  Certainly there are fish to be caught and a few fish can be found feeding…  You just have to work harder for them.  For me, I still enjoy getting out for a little therapy from time to time but I have certainly realigned my expectations to match the conditions.  I believe that the river will offer the angler something every day.  The key to enjoyment is really in accurately determining what it is that the river is offering and then capitalizing on it.  The worst thing the fly fisherman can do during this period is to have expectations of banner hatches and fish that have been worked up into a feeding frenzy.  These mis-aligned expectations only lead to disappointment.

It seems like the lack of food during this time of year is natures way of allowing the Brown Trout time to recover after months of aggression and stress as they set forth establishing the next generation of trout on the river.

The good news however, is that we are only weeks away from some of my favorite fishing on the Provo River.  The amazing midge hatches that commence in the early weeks of January set the stage for the next wave of mayflies that will hatch throughout February and March.

This is the time for me to continue restocking my fly boxes after a long season of great fishing in preparation for the next one which is just around the corner.  With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the slow fishing conditions on the river, I am day dreaming of the peaceful serenity and the January midge hatches that are just around the corner.

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