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Nowhere else have I had large fish rise to dries and seemingly kiss them, actually pushing them out of the water without ever opening their mouths, only to refuse the offering. Like all fishing destinations, the Provo River can be very kind to anglers at times and relentlessly cruel at others.

Fly Fishing Report as of May 23, 2019

We may have got a bit of a slow start to the early season fly fishing on the Provo River but it seems to have been worth it.  The long awaited Blue Winged Olive hatches on the Provo are in full swing now and the fly fishing has been fantastic!  Additionally, the midge hatches have progressed and are increasingly more prolific as the days go by.  We have been experiencing very good nymph fishing with a variety of different blue winged olive nymphs in sizes 16 through 20.  For those who like to capitalize on the epic dry fly fishing that the Provo River BWO’s have to offer, you are in luck.  We have been fishing BWO dries and emergers with a huge amount of success.  Although we have had really good fly fishing in the morning, you can hedge your blue winged olive bet by being on the water from about 10:30am to 4:00pm.  The midges however have been much more sporadic and start and stop many times every day.  This is a very good time of year to be fly fishing the Provo River but it is worth noting that the worse the weather, the better the fishing has been lately.  If it is a lovely day for a picnic, there will be more people on the river and the hatch activity will be less.

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