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Nowhere else have I had large fish rise to dries and seemingly kiss them, actually pushing them out of the water without ever opening their mouths, only to refuse the offering. Like all fishing destinations, the Provo River can be very kind to anglers at times and relentlessly cruel at others.

Fly Fishing Report as of January 19, 2019

Lower Provo River

Although we are not yet seeing the predictable daily hatches that we can set our clock to, the Provo River is beginning to come alive again after several weeks of little or no feeding activity of our resident Brown Trout.  There are a lot of midge larva and midge pupa in the water and the fish are readily feeding on them.  We are seeing some surface activity of fish feeding on midge emergers and midge adults which is exciting for those of us who enjoy casting to rising trout, but these times have been coming in short periods and not lasting all day.

The best way to catch the most fish on the Provo River right now is to remember two things.  First, the majority of the fish are not in the same places now, that they are during other times of the year.  Most of the fish are sitting in the slower, deeper water where there is not much current.  Fishing the riffles right now is not nearly as productive as working small midge imitations very slow in the quiet water of the deeper holes and pools where most of the fish are holding and expending the least amount of energy possible.

Secondly, reduce the tippet size by one.  Typically, we will divide the size of the hook by three in order to determine the correct tippet size to use, but during this time of year, we will go down in size by one.  i.e. for a size 18 fly, 18 divided by three equals 6x tippet.  In this case we would be using 7X tippet.

Middle Provo River

The fish on the Middle Provo River holding in the slower deeper pools and when you find one, you find a bunch.  The midge hatches have been sparse and somewhat infrequent but there are plenty of midge larva and midge pupa in the water column that the fish are more than willing to eat.  Keep in mind that the fish are expending as little energy as possible, this will change as the hatches progress in the coming weeks.  Fishing your midge in tandem with a Sow Bug has been very productive lately.  We have done much better on 6x and 7x tippet and our most effective midges have been sizes 18 and smaller.


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