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True Romance

Nowhere else have I had large fish rise to dries and seemingly kiss them, actually pushing them out of the water without ever opening their mouths, only to refuse the offering. Like all fishing destinations, the Provo River can be very kind to anglers at times and relentlessly cruel at others.

Fly Fishing Report as of July 17, 2019

The water is up, the crowds are down, the fishing is good but it is not the same as it has been.  With the large amount of snow we have in the mountains, we are grateful for the strange, cold wet weather that is slowly trickling down the snow melt.  It seems to be a good alternative to all the snow melting at once and flooding us out.

Unlike the small mountain streams that are raging and dangerous to be around, the multiple dams and diversions along the Provo River is keeping the river at a very fishable level.  Those that are fishing the Provo are pleased that the crowds are virtually non existent.

The biggest mistake for anglers that fish the Provo this time of year is to fish the river the same way and in the same places that they enjoyed when the water was at minimum legal flows.  As the water level comes up, the currents change and the fish move into different areas.  Essentially, the fish spread out and many of them move to the very edges of the river making them easily accessible to the fly fisherman.  Very little wading is necessary.  Wading above the knee is usually not needed.  The idea that fishing in high is dangerous is definitely true if the fisherman tries to wade out into the stream to stand and fish in the middle of the current.  With so many fish feeding near the banks of the river there is no need to put oneself in a dangerous situation only to wade through feeding fish and stand where you should be fishing.

The fact that there is no major hatch occurring right at the moment, is a positive not a negative.  There is a bunch of food available to the fish and the increased water volume is stirring it all up.  Unlike some times of the year when very prolific hatch periods start and stop at predictable times, there is a lot of food available to the fish right now which creates very opportunistic feeding behavior for the trout.

There are a number of flies that are producing great results for us, the fish seem to be less discriminate now, than during big hatch periods.  Some of the flies that have been producing great results for us include sow bugs, PMD nymphs, aquatic worms, crane fly larva and caddis larva.

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